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"I am not aware of any obligation that I am under to tell you my name; but, if it affords you any peculiar pleasure, I will say that I am Mrs. Dietrick Van Tromp. Now, will you be good enough to let me pass?"


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If you know of anybody looking for a thorough and practical man to manage their farm, you might call their attention to the ad. of J. H. G. in this issue. We happen to have a personal acquaintance with this gentleman, and if you are from Missouri, he can “show you.”

That story about her mamma went to Dicky's heart.

But school and university are only the formal part of education. The larger part of the education of every human being is and always has been and must be provided by the Thing that Is. Every adult transaction has as its most important and usually most neglected aspect its effect upon the minds of the young. Behind school and university the Empire itself was undesignedly addressing Joan and Peter. It was, so to speak, gesticulating at them over their teachers?? heads and under their teachers?? arms. It was performing ceremonies and exhibiting spectacles of a highly suggestive nature.


And so for a while, at the Place, our golden champion continued to revel in the gay zest of life.

“‘Yes,’ I said, ‘an’ I’ve knowed better judges of hosses to sell a nervous hoss for a balker that had been balked only onct by a rattle head. But in keerful hands I’ve seed him git over it,’ I said, indifferent like.

She responded generously. "I know you didn't

Ole Cotton-Tail

“Oh Delia!” ses Miss Claire.


This young girl, whose name was Grace Be-dell, told Mr. Lin-coln how old she was, and that she thought he would look bet-ter, and so that scores more folks would like him, if he “would let his whis-kers grow.” She said, too, that she liked the “rail fence, in the pic-ture, a-round that cab-in that he helped his fa-ther make.” Then she asked that if he were too bus-y to an-swer her let-ter that he would let his own lit-tle girl re-ply for him.

It was good to be human again, and McCray howled with pain and joy as the icy needle-spray of the showers cleansed his body. He devoured the enormous plates of steak and potatoes the ship's galley shoved before him, and drank chilled milk and steaming black coffee in alternate pint mugs. McCray let the ship's surgeon look him over, and laughed at the expression in the man's eyes. "I know I'm a little wobbly," he said. "It doesn't matter, Doc. You can put me in the sickbay as long as you like, as soon as I've talked to the captain. I won't mind a bit. You see, I won't be there—" and he laughed louder, and would not explain.

1.Work as hard as he might for this great cause there were thou-sands who did not think as Lin-coln did. They said he was wrong and should they fol-low him the land would be in ru-ins and the Un-ion at an end. But all this could not stop this good man, for he knew that he spoke the truth, so threats, a-buse, and sneers could not stir him from his grand work.

2.  哈工大始建于1920年,1951年被确定为全国学习国外高等教育办学模式的两所样板大学之一,1954年进入国家首批重点建设的6所高校行列,曾被誉为“工程师摇篮”。学校于1996年进入国家“211工程”首批重点建设高校,1999年被确定为国家首批“985工程”重点建设的9所大学之一,2000年与同根同源的哈尔滨建筑大学合并组建新的哈工大,2017年入选“双一流”建设A类高校名单。


He drew back from the Central Masses, no longer afraid, and swept out to see Hatcher's planet.


arrested at Cracow who were suspected of being the ringleaders "in what is believed to be a widespread revolutionary organization of Russian refugees." The report added that "a whole wagon-load of Mannliches rifles, Browning pistols, and dynamite grenades, together with a large number of compromising documents and plans of military works, were seized as a result of searches by the police in the houses of the arrested men."




"I do," Arthur affirmed. "That was what I wanted to talk to you about. We settled it all between us this afternoon. It is quite possible that we may both go to-morrow."