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"On this day," intoned the high official, "on this day did Ganti, the Never-Mistaken, as have been his predecessors through the ages;—on this day did the Never-Mistaken Ganti speak and say and observe a truth in the presence of the governors and the rulers of the universe."


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"Oh, Master John! never, never did man fight better, and you may comfort your heart with the name he made for you this night."



He was trying to close the door that was warped and stiff, so he missed the puzzled astonishment in her eyes.

“This Gadelius,” say the legends,301 “was a noble gentleman, right wise, valiant, and well spoken, who, after Pharaoh was drowned, sailed for Spain, and from thence to Ireland, with a colony of Greeks and Egyptians, and his wife Scota, a daughter of Pharaoh’s; and he taught letters to the Irish, and warlike feats after the Greek and Egyptian manner.”


The End

I herd her sobbing inside and I called agin, “Miss Claire darlint!”

in character of the northern and southern people. In the north the people are more independent; in the south they are more social. The northern people have more initiative; they are natural pioneers. The southern people are more docile, and get on better under the restraints and restrictions of city life. It is said, also, that this explains why it is that the people who are now coming to America from the south of Europe, although most of them come from the land, do not go out into the country districts in America, but prefer to live in the cities, or, as seems to be the case with the Italians, colonize the suburbs of the great cities.

1.“I suppose he did, Billy, but I” ses she “was too bizzy. I—I d-didnt look” ses she.

2.  城,所以盛民也。城市发展归根到底是“以人民为中心”。近些年,北京立足建设国际一流的和谐宜居之都的战略目标,拿出“绣花”功夫治理城市,坚定有序推进疏解整治促提升专项行动,狠抓城市精细化管理,提升生活服务的品质,得到广大市民的充分肯定。通过巨大努力,“开墙打洞”、占道经营、无证无照经营、背街小巷环境等问题逐步得到整治,生活服务网点布局更加便民,城市品质和人居环境明显提升。胡同街巷净了静了,街心绿地公园多了、“四九城的味道,又回来了”……看得见、摸得着、能受益的成果,稳步增强着全社会对精细化治理的共识和信心,也让政府与市民间的互动更加积极有效。而多年来的治理实践告诉我们,城市精细化治理是一个久久为功的过程,稍一放松就可能前功尽弃。只有继续立足城市功能定位,始终坚持红线约束,始终强化规矩意识,方能不断夯实市民群众的获得感、幸福感和安全感。





to Susannah Harpe one dollar gave her an order upon Moses Stegall for the said sum which this deponent saith that Moses Stegall has informed him he has paid agreeable to the aforesaid order.” There is nothing to indicate the specific purpose of this statement; however, it is further evidence that Stegall was acquainted with the Harpes and he may have served as a spy or messenger for them.


Arthur was taking a lesson from Mr Turner in the billiard-room at a quarter to seven on Tuesday evening when Eleanor came in to him with a message.


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